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Sarah Hood Salomon has been a professional photographer for over 40 years.    

Her award winning work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows.     

She is a photography judge, curator, author, and lecturer.

Select Solo       2024, McDaniel College, "Questioning the Photograph" Peterson Gallery,

Shows                        Curated by Steve Pearson          

                         2024, Multiple Exposures Gallery, "Questioning the Photograph"

                                   Curated by artist

                         2024, Riverworks, "Scratched" curated by David Therriault

                         2023, Maine Media College, Thesis show, Curated by Sara Stern

                         2021, Multiple Exposures Gallery, "Urban Forestry" Curated by artist

                         2020, Stone Tower Gallery at Glen Echo, “Solitudes” Curated by artist

                         2019, Multiple Exposures Gallery, “The Spirit of the Woodlands” Curated by artist

                         2018, Waverly Street Gallery, “Gestures” Curated by artist                       

                         2017, Multiple Exposures Gallery, “Shorelines” Curated by artist                        

                         2016, Waverly Street Gallery, “Solitudes,” Curated by artist                      

                         2016, Cherrydale Gallery, Arlington, VA, Curated by artist

Select Jury       2024, Los Angeles Center for Photography, "Expand and Contract"

Shows                        Group show curated by Rotem Rozental

                         2024, Griffin Museum, "14th Photobook show" curated by

                                   Crista Dix and Karen Davis

                         2024, A. Smith Gallery, "Realms of Perception" Curated by Susan Burnstine

                         2024, Cove Street Arts "Portland Debut" curated by Bruce Brown

                         2024, Allegany Arts Council, "Photography as Sculpture"

                                   Curated by Julie B. Westendorff

                         2021, Gibson Island Gallery, Curated by artist
                         2020, Jo Fleming Gallery, Annapolis, MD, Curated by Jo Fleming
                        2020, Maryland State House, "Lowe House Exhibition"

                         2019, Black Rock Center for the Arts, "Biennial Photography Show"
                         2018-2021, Baltimore International Airport,  eight foot photo on display
                         2018, Southeast Center for Photography, "Home" and "Seasons"

                         2017, Center for Fine Art Photography,"Singular/Signature                    

                         2017, Maryland Federation of Art, "Melange"

                         2016, Center for Fine Art Photography,"Portraits"                      

                         2015, American University, Katzen Center, "Photoworks: Presence of Place"

                                  Curated by Jack Rasmussen
                        2013, Curtis Gallery, “Unopened Drawers”  Solo show, New Canaan, CT
                        2011, Photoworks, Two person show with Dennis O’Keefe, Glen Echo, MD                             

Represented by Multiple Exposures Gallery, Alexandria, VA, since 2016      

Education        MFA in Photography, Maine Media College, spring 2023
                        B. A., Mount Holyoke College, 1979



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