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Sarah Hood Salomon has been a professional photographer for over 40 years.  Her award-winning work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo shows. She is a photography judge, curator, educator, and author. Sarah is represented by Multiple Exposures Gallery in Alexandria, VA.

Photo by Melissa Clark.jpg


    Photography has the capability of fragmenting time into 1/4000 of a second so that each instant may be isolated and examined. Yet we experience things as a fusion of several moments. As we walk through the woods, we continuously change perspectives. The slightest wind causes movement amongst the leaves, and the color and quality of light are in constant transition. In my photography, I often utilize camera motion to reduce references to a single moment, and present the juncture of several slivers of time in a single image.

     I blur the lines between objects to abstract and reveal more of their essence. By moving the camera while the shutter is open, light is formed into specific brush strokes. Familiar objects are reduced to textures, shapes, lines and colors. The concept of foreground and background is challenged as depth of field is flattened. Objects appear closer to the surface and often take on different textural qualities. Images contain streaks and lines of an object’s former shape

    When people are included in the composition, their identity is obscured and individuality is de-emphasized. These figures are located within an abstract background,  thus placement and gestures become critical. Changing qualities of light are compressed into one image and illuminate the imprint left behind. Objects no longer exist within a single instant, but move through a confluence of several moments.

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